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Founded in June 2021, Meet Me There Management, Music & Publishing, is the new company of owner Fred van Kruining, who started his long career to date in the music industry in 1989.

First at retail (Free Record Shop, 1989 - 1997), then from 1997 in several positions in marketing and A&R @ MCA/Universal, EMI Music and a 2nd term @ Universal until 2013 when  he moved to Caroline Benelux to become their Label head at the artists, label  & services company.

At the same time he started his own consultancy & management company 67Management.

In 2020, after almost 7 years, Fred left Caroline Benelux to 'get closer to music again, the reason why I got in the business in the first place'.
As a result of this, his company 67Management was rebranded to Meet Me There Management, with the addition of both a music label (focussing mainly on new and domestic artists) and publishing company.

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